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Monday, January 22, 2018

The Final Bull Leg?

Welcome to the final week of January 2018!

How time flies and last Friday, the very first regular options of 2018 expired, making me and my Ride the Flow strategy (options residual income strategy aiming to make an average of 10% profit a month) students an average profit of about 14 to 20% in a single month! In fact, one of my students, who is a college student, made over $14,000 last month alone! Take a look:


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 So, it has been an awesomely rewarding month so far! In fact, my Star Trading System (directional aggressive options swing trading methodology) also took profits on 4 positions with average profit of 48% per trade, maintaining a 100% winning rate for 2018 so far!

(Check out my Star Trading System training course)

So, things look rosy now, doesn't it?

Does that mean this is going to be just one smooth ride upwards?

I am afraid not. In last week's report to paid subscribers, I identified a key market crash signal that has been triggered. This trigger usually precedes a market crash by about a year and usually leads to an extremely strong final bull leg just like what we saw back in 2007.


I expect this year to be very similar to 2007 where the bulls just rage on before everything starts going to H towards the end of the year, tying into my predictions in my 2018 outlook report.

The S&P500 has also been extremely strong lately, moving about 1.5% last week alone and posting a huge 4.68% over the past 3 weeks! This brought the S&P500 into a gross short term overbought condition that should lead to a significant intermediate pullback, most likely starting this week.

Supporting this outlook is a rise in market volatility, lifting the extrinsic values of both long term call and put options strongly over the past one week..

All of these happening while the market crash signal that I identified last week continued to worsen, reminding me exactly of what I saw back in 2007.

Yes, this is exciting times. This is dangerous times.

But these are the kind of times through which my trading systems have proven to be profitable over the past 13 years. Are you prepared and armed with the ability to profit from such conditions?

For now, the market remains in all out bull trend.


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