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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Final Week of 2017!

Welcome to the final trading week of 2017!

Yes, welcome back from Christmas weekend and into the final trading week of 2017!

How quickly time flies, its the final trading week of the year again and its not even a full trading week but just 3.5 days with Friday being a half day market.

So, how is the final week of the year typically like for the US market?

Well, its typically a positive week! In fact, 9 out of the past 10 final-week-of-the-years have turned in positive! This is true even in bearish years, so all the more it is going to be true for a strong bullish year like 2017!

Indeed, I do expect Santa Claus to continue the rally through the remaining of the year this year as I look forward to reviewing my predictions for 2017 this coming weekend and make my predictions (very hard ones) for 2018!

My strategy for my Master's Stock Options Picks for the rest of the week continues to be a more profit taking driven one, as I continue to take profit and drive my winning rate into historical highs. In fact, my subscribers and I just took profit on our call options on RSPP last Friday, pushing our 2017 winning rate up to 84.62%, the highest I ever had since 2004! In fact, if you had just invested in 1 contract of every single recommendation I made this year so far, you would have made $2,370 by now, imagine if you have bought 5 contracts or 10 contracts per trade! (Join me for just $1 now!)
We will be looking to taking more profit on our remaining positions this week so we can maximize our 2017 kaching!

I hope you have enjoyed  your Christmas holidays as much as I had and lets enjoy the rally this week and look forward to 2018!!

For now, the market continues to be in all out bull trend.


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