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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

22 Aug Report Sent...

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Monday, August 21, 2017

US Market Outlook Week 4 Aug

Welcome to week 4 of August!

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The US market continued downwards last week after a failed reversal and the Dow proceeded to retest the 30MA as I have expected in my original outlook 2 weeks ago.

A lot of people asked me if this is the start of a market crash and I have always answered, no. I not only expect this to be a healthy intermediate correction for the sake of higher prices in the near future, I also expect this bull market to last at least for the next year as long as Trump remains in office. Why is that so? So far, nothing in the economic data suggests a bubble like all previous market crashes and nothing in the economic data suggests weakness as well. In fact, we are looking at a healthy growing economy riding on the back of an extremely conservative policy making which is aimed at reviving the local business, bringing back Jobs and business to the US (at the expense of many of the other countries that are so used to selling cheaper products to the US of course). As long as such policies are in place and are being developed, I see strong fundamental support and reason for the bull market to continue.

In fact, the last market crash of 2008 is arguably the worst market crash in the history of the US market due to many toxic reasons that built up in the US economy over the decades. That one crash "detoxed" the US economy, straightened up credit policies which was the cause of the whole bubble, cleared out the housing bubble etc, setting the fundamentals for the economy to grow in a more healthy manner and for the stock market to go into yet another real bull market that has not been seen since the tech bubble of 2000.

Many experts would disagree with me on these. In fact, many are quoting the Hindenburg Omen for basis of a market crash but lets not forget how the Hindenburg Omen missed it last year when it was ringing off its hooks. US is having a president that has never been seen before with policies that never have been pushed for before and growing on reasons that never have existed before. This makes many of the historical patterns that we were so used to less than effective. At least this is what I think and so far, I think I have been pretty accurate about the US market for the past 12 years.

For now, the market remains in short term bear trend within an intermediate neutral trend and primary bull trend.

Friday, August 18, 2017

US Market Returns To Intermediate Correction...

In one fell sweep, the market reversed back on track for the intermediate correction I talked about so much over the past two weeks again. Good thing my Master's Stock Options Picks subscribers and I  only took very small positions in call options on QQQ over the last two days partly because I was anticipating the possibility of such a move and didn't want to make the usual commitment.

The Dow made is biggest single day fall since May, dropping 274 points, taking out all of the small gains over the past few days and restested the 30MA all at once. Indeed, as I have said before last week, the intermediate correction is going to retest the 30MA and then go largely sideways with a bit of bearish inclination just like what it did back in March. This is because there isn't anything in the fundamentals that warrant an all out market crash yet and such intermediate corrections are very common especially around critical psychological levels like the 22K level and the 21K level etc. The Dow also took months of sideways bearish inclined movement before it mustered enough strength for a real 21K break out in April.

Supporting that outlook is also how the Dow made a volume spike yesterday. Such volume spikes almost always suggest an overdoing and a short term reversal. The lack of any real disappointment in the economic numbers also suggests that this drop is an overdone one. As such, I will be switching back to the intermediate correction trading plan I talked about last week, seeking long and call entry opportunities around this level and also layer strategically into my existing QQQ call options.

For now, the market turns a short term bear trend within an intermediate neutral and primary bull trend.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

US Market Reverses Out Of Intermediate Correction!

Over the past two days, the US market did a surprise reversal out of the intermediate correction on news that North Korea has halted its plan to shoot at Guam. This is the kind of news that awakened investors, turning the market around. Here was what I told paid subscribers in yesterday's report:

"... so strongly that the reversal yesterday is that kind that once again, like back in November 2016 when Trump got elected, the intermediate correction has come to a screeching halt, broke its pattern and it is my opinion that it has been reversed..."

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In fact, on Monday midday, when I heard the news and saw investors reacting to it strongly, I knew the dynamics behind the intermediate correction is all but reversed and it is time to accumulate ahead of where I expected to around the 30MA line. My Master's Stock Options Picks Subscribers and I resolutely took call options positions on the QQQ on Monday and am now sitting on some profit. This is how quickly real traders need to identify and react to changes in the stock market and in one's outlook. (did you miss making money YET AGAIN? Come on, quit short changing yourself and join me for just $1 today!)

In fact, I like how both the S&P500 and the Nasdaq 100 has reversed back up above their 30MAs from below it, technically completing a short term pullback the kind we saw back in June. As such, calling this a reversal isn't really that far fetched since the bulk of the market as indicated by the S&P500 has already retested and rebounded from the 30MA even though Dow's 30 stocks hadn't. 

The move these two days were also supported by a continued rise in bond yields as investors continue to join in the party and leaving the safety of bonds. All in all, I think this is a great time to start layering in longs, not 100% in yet, but slowly, step by step in case the intermediate correction isn't done yet. Again, if you don't know how to do so yourself, let me tell you how to do it for just $1!

For now, the market remains in short term neutral trend within an intermediate neutral trend and primary bull trend.

Monday, August 14, 2017

How Might This Correction Unfold?

Welcome to week 3 of August 2017! This is also expiration week for August options so those of you holding vanilla August options, please take note of this Friday's expiration. (Read more about Plain Vanilla Options)

The market has pulled back into an intermediate correction since I identified the inverted hammer signal on the Dow last week, textbook style. In fact, the Dow closed its most negative week last week since May 2017, closing a -1.06% week. However, even that is nothing compared with the really negative weeks we saw back in 20015. This is still a very very impressive year so far.

In fact, I continue to be surprised with the amount of strength holding up against the correction so far as we can see significant accumulation in the Nasdaq last Friday and slight positive close on both the Dow and the S&P500. This is a sign of strength showing that investors are not afraid to buy into a falling market and holding it across the weekend. In fact, looking at the bond yields and the total equities put call ratio, none of them are shouting out bearish market very strongly at all but continue to be more or less uncertain. All of these supported by the ever strengthening economic numbers  supports my opinion that this isn't the start of a market crash like so many experts out there are predicting but just a largely sideways bearish inclined intermediate correction like we saw back in March.

We should still see a retest of the 30MA this week though and most likely also a crossing under of the 10MA below the 30MA. And that area would be where I would be seeking to identify good call options opportunities for my Master's Stock Options Picks subscribers.

Have a great and profitable week ahead!

For now, the market remains in a short term bear trend within an intermediate neutral and primary bull trend.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Intermediate Correction Starts...

Exactly as I have predicted since last week, the US market hit yet another exhaustion point at 22,000 points, just like it did back in 21,000 points, and is undergoing an intermediate correction before it can muster enough energy to break the 22,000 points level for real, just like it did back in 21,000 points. Yes, in my report to paid subscribers yesterday morning, I pointed out a confirming signal that the market did on Wednesday close that confirms the inverted hammer signal of 3 days ago to be the beginning of the intermediate correction. This was part of what I said:

"What this means is that yesterday's... confirmed and reinforced my prediction that the Dow is going to turn around significantly following yesterday's topside inverted hammer candlestick..."

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Yes, even though I have called this intermediate correction, I am also of the opinion that as long as Trump remains in office, this primary bull rally has about another year to go and is about only 1/3 way through. Why do I think that way? Because the fundamentals are still strong and getting stronger. Within the framework of such strengthening economic fundamentals, a pullback like this is not likely going to develop into a full on primary bear market crash. As such, I won't be too eager to bet to downside but to keep my eyes opened for opportunities to enter to upside when this short intermediate correction bottoms out.

Supporting this intermediate correction so far is how the volume has contracts all through to the inverted hammer which marked the peak and then starts rising into the fall (see picture on top). This is such a 3 points textbook and classic reversal pattern that it cannot be missed by anyone who has learned even very elementary technical analysis.

Point 1: inverted hammer candle occurring at new high after 10 consecutive up days
Point 2:  volume dropping prior to inverted hammer candle
Point 3: volume rising into the drop

Looking at my favorite support indicators, bond yields continued to retreat as investors continue their rush back to the safety of bonds, supporting the current bearish sentiment. Total equities put call ratio is somewhat at par so traders are a little uncertain now with the market dropping by so much in a single day.

All in all, I see a retest of the 30 days moving average coming up and mostly likely a brief visit below before everything return to normal again.

For now, the market turns a short term bear trend within an intermediate neutral trend within a primary bull trend.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

10 Aug Report Sent...

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