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Friday, December 22, 2017



Today is the final trading day before the Christmas long weekend! And yes, I believe nobody's in the mood to care about what happens in the market nor will there be many people who would even read my report today...hahahha...

So far, the US market has did exactly what I said it would...


Yes, the Santa Claus rally came exactly as I have predicted and has carried itself well all the way through to this day as December look to be yet another positive month. However, instead of holding my profitable positions through the Christmas Season, me and my Master's Stock Options Picks Subscribers took profits on 3 of our profitable call options positions over the last few days, including a profitable call options position on RSPP today, pushing our overall winning rate for the year to above 85%, our historical high and the world highest for options directional swing trading! (didn't win so far? Join me now for just $1!!)

Truly a very very fruitful year for us so far and I hope it has been for you too!

Please have a very very blessed Christmas and lets meet back next week for another short trading week!

For now, the market remains in all out bull trend.


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