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Monday, November 27, 2017

Welcome Back From Thanksgiving!

Welcome back from Thanksgiving week and welcome to Cyber Monday!

Thanksgiving week closed EXACTLY how I predicted it last Monday, another positive week! No surprises there! Yes, the US market can be THAT predictable! (Did I make money from that, of course I did! And not only me but all my Master's Stock Options Picks Subscribers profited from the SPY Call options we put on last Monday!)

So, its the final week of November and December and the Christmas season is just round the corner as well!

Overall the period starting from Thanksgiving all the way through to new year tends to be more positive than negative because of good feeling stemming from these seasonal holidays as well as the need for window dressing by the institutions. I would not expect any differently this time.

So far, I am not seeing any signs that anything is going to change in any way and would therefore maintain that we should ultimately see a positive close for the year exactly how I predicted it in my first report of 2017. :)

Today is also the final day of the 50% thanksgiving discount on my Options Swing Trading 1 to 1 online mentoring course for the Star Trading System! Grab it now!

Have a great final week of November!

For now, the market remains in all out bull trend.


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