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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Daily US Market Comments 28 Sep 2006 by

Markets continued upwards like a raging bull as the Dow pressed on to make a historical high close. With oil prices finding a strong support and staging a possible rebound, markets slowed its advance significantly. Some good news in the blue chips sector has helped companies like INTC to move strongly ahead these couple of days and that might have the momentum to carry the market a little further up.

NASDAQ was down a little yesterday but still made a higher high and a higher low. The Dow continue strongly on its steep uptrend eventhough that has placed it in an extreme short term overbought condition. It will not be strange to see the Dow close in historical highs only to consolidate for a while at that level.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Daily US Market Comments 27 Sep 2006 by

Markets continue its bullish highway yesterday with the Dow closing just 53 points off historical highs! With oil prices finding a support near $61 and a very favorable economic outlook, there are even talks on the street pointing to not only a continued pause in interest rates but an actual REDUCTION in interest rates by end of the year! Of course, these are only speculations but these talks do generate the kind of bullish undercurrent to fuel a continued rally.

Markets continue its rally as expected and we should see a testing of the historical highs today by the Dow. This is a very critical point to overcome WITH enthusiastic participation in order to ensure a continued rally.

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Daily US Market Comments 26 Sep 2006 by

Markets continue its uptrend yesterday with a rally following the Fed's upbeat comment on the US economy. Oil prices rallied yesterday too giving a much needed boost to the energy sector stocks. This energy sector rally gave the boost to the rally yesterday too. OPEC is threatening to cut production due to the recent drop in oil prices in order to give support to oil prices. We will have to watch and see if this measure could indeed significantly affect oil prices.

NASDAQ was the big winner yesterday as it bounced off its 200MA support level and continue along its steep trend line upwards. The Dow continue to experience the effects of a strong resistance level as it retreated deeply off its intraday high. The markets are now slightly off its oversold condition and looks fabulous to continue this uptrend should oil prices not become a sudden concern soon.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Daily US Market Comments 25 Sep 2006 by

Markets continue to consolidate and away from the historical high. As expected, the historical high itself has served as such a strong resistance level that almost every sensible trader is unloading at least half of their profits so far into the safety of their pockets. This certainly does not mean the end of a rally as you will see in the technical explanations. With an interest rate pause already a reality and oil prices continuing to plummet, the fundamentals are strong for the stock market to move on further up.

Last Friday's profit taking action is a little different from the prior few days in that volume has shrunk significantly. Short term stochastics were also brought back down from its overbought position. All other technical indications continue to point towards a strong uptrend and until the market proves otherwise, we should assume the same.


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Daily US Market Comments 22 Sep 2006 by

Markets corrected slightly yesteday as expected as the Dow comes against a strong historical high resistance level. Also in the spotlight was the slight recovery in oil price by the end of yesterday. That combined with the all time high concerns brewed the perfect cocktail for the slight consolidation that we saw yesterday. With a lack of leadership to downside, it is hard to conclude if this is a start of a short term correction. The S&P500 had also made 5 years high the day before and again, it is not strange to see heavy profit taking at these levels.

A definite down day yesterday as the Dow lost over a hundred points intraday. Both NASDAQ and the Dow ended the day in bearish engulf formations. This is a formation which completely obliterates the optimism the day before and puts the market at risk of a correction from this point onwards especially with their overbought positions and proximity to resistance levels. We are about to enter into a region where no man has ever been to... the Dow all time high and that definitely scares some investors and traders a little. It is therefore not strange to see a short term consolidation at these levels. The ADX continue to place the market in strong uptrend with no indication of an immediate slow down.

The conclusion for the day seems to be this... the markets look extremely healthy to continue its rally form this point on should investors overcome the fear of the "unknown highs".


Daily US Market Comments 21 Sep 2006 by

Market sentiments were correct for once. Markets rallied even before the Fed release and continued on after a retreat after the release to make 5 year highs. With the Feds continuing to pause interest rate hikes along with oil prices making 5 month lows, the market forms an extremely healthy baseline for the rally to go on.

The Dow is only a 100 points away from making a historical high. That will no doubt be a strong resistance level which must be overcome today on healthy volume. The uptrend remains strong and intact.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Daily US Market Comments 20 Sep 2006 by

Well, the big day's today. :) There is no telling what Uncle Ben will come up with today despite all that analyst reports that have been going around. There are things that can be analysed and then there are things that do not work around a fixed logic and this is one of those things. Markets were weaker yesterday as expected as profit takers play it safe by taking some money off the table. In fact, the level of profit taking participation is pretty significant as we can see from the volume yesterday. This is yet another sign confirming that not everybody's 100% confident of what is to come.

Markets continue to wear off its overbought condition yesterday, setting it up for enough room to both up and down. NASDAQ's 200MA continue to hold as a strong support level and that may give it more inclination to upside then down.


Monday, September 18, 2006

Daily US Market Comments 19 Sep 2006 by

Looks like this is going to be a news driven week for the markets. There are currently 2 main market movers... oil prices and interest rates. Oil prices continue to be favorable and whether or not interest rates will continue to stay favorable will depend on what uncle Ben says this Wednesday. Nobody's wiser in this game and it certainly is anybody's guess. Markets are expected to be slightly slow up to the Fed release.

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Anyway, technicals continue to maintain yesterday's status quo with markets continuing to rise slowly on retreating volume. Oil prices seemed to have found a short term bottom as it enters a grossly oversold position. A few days sideways will certainly help wear off some of the oversold sentiment on oil prices in order to leave more room to downside.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Daily US Market Comments 17 Sep 2006 by

Markets continue its strong rally last Friday on the ever decreasing oil price and the optimism that now surrounds the next Fed release. Investors should now be on the alert for any suddenly changes that may affect the markets.

Status quo have been maintained in the markets as it continue to rise. The Dow will be challenging its all time high very soon and should be a level where we should see some strong resistance. NASDAQ has broken above its 200MA on short and long term time frames on heavy volume and we should more upside to come.


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Daily US Market Comments 15 Sep 2006 by

Markets slow down its rally despite new lows being made on oil prices. Oil failed to follow up on its reversal yesterday and continued to trend down. It is hardly surprising to see a little slow down after such a strong rally though.

NASDAQ continued to struggle at its 200MA and probably slowing the market down. This is a pretty dangerous level for the market as any weakness followed up from this point on could just fall prey to the negatively divergent short term stochastics.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Daily US Market Comments 14 Sep 2006 by

Markets continue to move up in a slightly weaker day. Markets were largely bolstered by the accumulation in oil prices which gave a boost to the energy companies. Energy companies did not participate actively in this rally so far and with them joining in and the rest of the market still moving up in momentum, we really could expect new highs to come if the oil prices do not stage a reversal into a full uptrend from this point.

Markets continue to rally as NASDAQ breaks above its 200SMA on above average volume. The Dow broke out of its narrowing channel line to upside on above average volume too. All in all, markets continue to look very bullish and we could see a new high on the Dow coming up. NASDAQ needs to follow up on its break today and establish a new support level at the 200MA before it can go further.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Daily US Market Comments 13 Sep 2006 by

The Market Has Spooooooooken! The definite break that we have been waiting for so long as happened at last with yet another day of correction in oil prices. Oil prices has dropped so fast and far that it is almost hard to imagine that only a month ago, everyone's talking about it going for $100 by the end of the year. Now, whispers are all over the street for oil prices to hit $35 by end of the year! Analysts...sigh....

A prefect, almost textbook, topside break yesterday. Broadbased and on heavy volume. This is the kind of move that will set a momentum to upside. This move has allowed the dow to continue trading higher on its rising trend line established since mid July and has brought NASDAQ up against its fearsome 200MA resistance level. A break at this level could spell more upside for NASDAQ. The Dow definite look strong to challenge its all time high should this rising channel continue into the end of the month. On the other hand, it is not strange to see a few weaker days following such a strong move. All in all, sentiments remain bullish and with the market slightly off from begin overbought, I would bet on more topside to come.

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Daily US Market Comments 12 Sep 2006 by

Oils continue to be in the spot light yesterday as it fell for a sixth straight day, further into the downtrend that has already been developed. This has given the stock markets a slight lift. So, my opinion yesterday continues to stand today... as long as oil prices continue to drop to healthier levels along with a favorable fed release, the stock markets will see an all time high soon.

Not a big up day yesterday but one that is very important and very bullish. A higher than normal volume supported yesterday's little rally and gave credibility to a short term bottom for both NASDAQ and the Dow. This could be the staging area for a bullish week ahead. Let's watch and see.


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Daily US Market Comments 11 Sep 2006 by

Oil prices continue its dive much to the surprise of most commodity traders. That has spurred a slight recovery in the markets last Friday. Well, as the old commodity traders would say, the trend is your friend. Oil is on a definite downtrend and do not yet look like it is reaching a bottom. A continued correction in oil prices along with a favorable fed release could be all the ingredients necessary to push the dow to an all time high.

Markets moved sideways last Friday on a very weak rise with low volume. The markets have worn off much of its oversold condition over the last few trading days and that, along with a healthy trend line and strong fundamental reasons, could spell more upside to come. Major indicators continue to point towards a strong uptrending market.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Daily US Market Comments 08 Sep 2006 by

Oil prices continue to fall but did not manage to overcome the negative fed comment that rate hikes are not really over. Markets continue to correct yesterday without any more hypes to keep it going to upside.

Markets continue to wear off its overbought condition yesterday. With the correction yesterday, the markets have for once, after one whole month of uptrend, showing signs of the uptrend coming to an end. The short term ADX has started to tee off with stochastics breaking to downside. We should be looking to a short term support for NASDAQ at about 2131 and the dow at about 11300.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Daily US Market Comments 07 Sep 2006 by

Markets corrected under heavy profit taking yesterday. The correction was strong and on rising volume giving it a definite bearish tone. Inflation worries were again in the limelight as oil prices continue to make new lows.

NASDAQ corrected strongly yesterday as we have expected coming up against its 200MA resistance. That correction seemed to put everyone on a selling mood as the dow traded lower for the day. All in all, the dow still looks much more bullish than NASDAQ as it continue to trade above a very steep trend line with a high resistance level ceiling.

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Daily US Market Comments 06 Sep 2006 by

Markets continued to rally with the continued prospect that the Fed may continue to pause rate hikes this time round. The rally is also backed by a continued retreat in oil prices. In fact there are already analyst stating that oil prices may retreat back down to the $30 to $40 region by end of the year. We will have to stay tuned to that. :)

Markets continue its stealth rally with rising volume which is very encouraging. The rising volume tells us that investors are joining into the rally after coming back from the long weekends. The dow has bounced off a double bottom formation and does certainly have more upside to come before the next resistance level. NASDAQ has had a pretty steep climb and are coming up against a strong 200MA resistance level soon at the 2225 level where it is likely to consolidate a little.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Daily US Market Comments 05 Sep 2006 by

Welcome back from the labor day long weekend. Looking back at the markets last Friday, we see an encouraging break to upside with the continued correction in the oil price. Oil prices are hitting new lows daily and have been the primary market mover so far. The next big thing to look forward to this month will be the coming Fed release which many analyst see the rate hikes being reinstated.

The markets followed through with its break to upside last Friday on lesser than desired volume. The lack of participation is probably due to the long weekend and we would certainly like to see the market follow through with a high volume day today.

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