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Monday, June 11, 2018

Welcome To Week 3 June!

Welcome to Week 3 of June, the Quadruple Witching Week! (Read about what Quadruple Witching Means at )

Had a really nice vacation weekend after last week's really profitable options trading due to having accurately called the market all week long. In fact, my managed accounts clients and I are looking forward to a nice 10% gain on our overall portfolio this coming Quadruple Witching Friday!

The US NK summit is taking place in Singapore right now and results of the summit has yet to be confirmed but so far, Trump seems to be positive about how. However, even though Trump may be positive about it, the fact that the market is at a short term overbought position where a short term retreat like how I suggested last week should take place along with investors being very cautious about how the summit plays out and this Wednesday's FOMC announcement and Friday's Quadruple Witching, do tend to put people on the defensive and the odds in favor of the short term pull back continuing this week.

My subscribers and I took profit on the profitable SPY call options last week and yes, I did make some good profit out of that as I have shown you guys last week and this week we focus on largely delta neutral trading to scrap some theta profit off the table no matter how the market and all of the uncertain events of the week turn out.

So, how might everything turn out eventually?

Everything will turn out well of course! How else would my continued bullish outlook be fullfilled? Indeed, with the open attitude of the NK Chairman, the FOMC having no surprising move to make and Quadruple witching days tending to be just small volatile days, there's nothing really to be worried about as we await the fulfilment of the return of the bulls. If its that obvious, tend why would investors be cautious? Well, they just might decide not to be too cautious! I won't be surprise to see the market resume bullishness sooner than expected, as such, my money would be on the resuming of the bulls rather than on the pullback as it just might already have ran its course.

For now, the market remains in all out bull trend.


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