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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Daily Market Comments 31 Mar 06

A neutral day in the markets yesterday where NASDAQ finishes up 3 and DOW closing down 65. Investor sentiments from the small rally of 2 days ago continued yesterday morning but faded away with the price of crude topping $67 per barrel. The rising interest rates does indeed put a mid term pressure on the markets even though the US economy continues to do well with job figures hitting new highs.

Looking at the technicals, we saw a non committal day. Even though the DOW ended down, it did nothing to change the fact that it is still lingering at the strong 30MA Support Level. There was no follow through on the rally of 2 days ago like we would like to see in order to set the momentum for more upside. NASDAQ ended up but the technicals shows that it is still within its neutral price channel and looks like it might consolidate downwards a little.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Daily Market Comments 30 Mar 06

An Up day in the markets yesterday. This jump up yesterday was probably just a sentimental buy in after such a huge drop the day before. Does this mean that the markets are going into a rally again? Perhaps not.

Looking at the technicals, the rally did nothing to change its status quo. DJIA and SPY continue to linger at the 30MA support level and NASDAQ continues to trade within its price channel. Only if the markets continue to rally today strongly do they have the momentum to continue upwards.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Daily Market Comments 29 Mar 06

The markets were down yesterday in a mid day downturn on an increase in Fed Rates by 2.5 basis points. The rate hike have been fully anticipated but what wasn't expected was the policy that such rate hikes wasn't coming to an end.

Looking at the short term prospects, the DJIA seems to be coming to a support level on the 30MA and if it can hold itself at that level, more upside can be expected. As for NASDAQ, it looks set to continue the neutral, sideways trend that it has been on for so long. From other indications, it seems like the markets might have more downside than upside at least for the next 5 days or so.

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Commencement of Daily Market Comments and disclaimer

From today onwards, Masters 'O' Equity will post daily US share market comments here for your general investment reference. Please feel free to RSS this blog for daily market comments.

These comments are the personal opinion of the Founder of Masters 'O' Equity and is not to be taken as an invitation to participate in any trades. Any losses as a direct or indirect result of using these information are entirely at your own risk.