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Friday, August 21, 2015

Over 100% Profit in 3 Days!

What a day today! The US market slumped for a second day in a row, making me and my Master's Stock Options Picks subscribers over 100% profit on the SPY put options that we have prepositioned three days ago! Yes, over 100% profit in just three days! Are you missing out on such profit? Sign up now for my Master's Stock Options Picks Service!

This truly look like the start of the market crash that I have been talking about but if you are going to jump in on put options on Monday, it is already too late. This is exactly why it is so hard for amateurs and beginners to make money in the market... when things begin to look obvious, its already too late. Next week, we should see the market rebound and test the critical moving averages again next week, like it always did before as there will always be investors who still think this bull has legs to go and this is a great level to buy into. However, it would most likely fail around the moving averages a few times before it go into an all out bear trend, this process could take months.

For now, the deterioration in the economy can no longer be ignored and strength in the housing market seems to be shaking a little bit. The recent devaluation of the Chinese RMB only added to the problem, making US exports to China more expensive, widening the trade gap and hitting the economy in general. It just takes a spark to start the whole mess... perhaps a spark called "Rate Hike"?

I am upgrading the market crash timer and downgrading the primary trend today...

Market Crash Timer: ORANGE (Yellow/Red)

For now, the US market turns a short term bear trend within an intermediate neutral trend and primary neutral trend.


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