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Monday, July 20, 2015

Pending Market Crash?

Without any surprise, the SP-500 reached for new high today as I have predicted last week. As I mentioned to paid subscribers, we always see the NASDAQ leading the way whenever a major resistance is to be broken and this is once again so in this case. The Dow Jones is still behind the curve on this and so, with the NASDAQ so much short term overbought, we could see a little pullback before the SP-500 and Dow make a real breakout.

Week 4 of each month tend to be a quieter week in terms of economic data and is also a time investors and traders reveal their true intentions after properly digesting all of the major heavyweight data for the month so far and prepositioning for the heavyweight datas of the following month.

Over the past few days, I observed a disturbing sign... a gradual flattening of the bond yields curve despite the strong rising market. This is usually the kind of pattern we observe before major market crashes. This is once again in line with my belief that this might be the final bull leg before the major market crash ala 2001, 2008 . This is when market timing becomes extremely important if you wish to catch this final wave and then turn around and profit to downside with the crash... this is what I help my Master's Stock Options Picks Subscribers do. How about you?

For now, the US market remains in short term bull trend within an intermediate and primary bull trend. 


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