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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Market Crash Timer: YELLOW!

The Nasdaq100 really made me wonder if the final bull leg has been completed because the market has never been this strange for years with the bond yields continuing to flatten and
everything just feels like lego stacked up too high and shaking. In fact, going by my outlook of the market going into a general bear trend in 2016, and the tendency for the market
to make a sharp rise, then plateau for two or three months before collapsing into a bear trend, the timing looks just about right what the NASDAQ100 is doing now.

In fact, I have long pre-positioned my Master's Stock Options Picks Subscribers with put options positions all week long and are all now profitable and will be even more so when
my prediction work out. However, the market isn't going to go down straight from here, no no no, so you still need the kind of sharp market timing that I give my subscribers in order
to turn a profit in this volatile market. Yes, I keep saying that the market is no place for soothsayers, so keeping in mind our general prediction, we still base our trading decisions
on what is actually happening.

I have long explained the basis of my prediction of the 2016 market crash in my many previous posts so I shall not repeat them again here. What I really want to focus on now is the
market timing of this event and how its going to happen. In fact, I am going to add a new section to my daily comments called the Market Crash Timer, with GREEN (meaning not happening),
YELLOW (its coming!) and RED (it is here!). And before you have any negative feelings about market crashes, it is about the best time for options traders to make money with the
sharp movements and high implied volatility. In fact, we enjoyed great gains during the last market crash so we are preparing ourselves for yet another victorious market crash, are you
ready to join us in this?

Market Crash Timer: YELLOW

For now, the market turns short term neutral trend within an intermediate and primary bull trend.


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