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Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Bull Will Run... Why?

2 weeks ago, a lot of my subscribers acted against me and many even unsubscribed only because they think the market is going to crash while I kept going on the bullish side.

2 weeks later, one of them emailed me how he regretted betting against me and hope to get back in on my program. That's the reason why only a few win and most will lose. Because the opinions of the few always sound like nonsense to the many and the past 2 weeks completely proved my point.

Market continued upwards, following up on the rising bottom formation breakout of last week with all internal signs and fundamental economic indications supporting this bullish reversal. No surprise to me at all and yes, I profited from it. Why was I right and so many wrong? Because most people think they have to wait and see what Trump say or do before they know where the market is going.


The market is driven on MUCH MORE forces than just one man's words! That is how I have been able to CONSISTENTLY predict what the market is going to do down to daily trends! Because there are A LOT more to look at to know what investors and the stock market is going to do and in fact, I don't even follow what Trump says! LOL! Yes, I don't at all! One man does not influence the market the way the news have all of you believe. If that is so, the market would truly be unpredictable and I would not have been able to make a living over the past 16 years predicting and trading in the market!

So yes, the market is still on track upwards, even though the market closed marginally negative, its still bullish by all accounts and internal indications still point strongly bullish. As such, I don't see why the market won't challenge the 2750 points level like I predicted on Monday.

For now, the market remains in short term bull trend within an intermediate neutral trend and within the framework of a primary bull trend.


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