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Wednesday, April 04, 2018

US China Trade War Market Crash?

Exactly as I said it would yesterday morning in my report to paid subscribers, the US market turned around on Monday's oversold condition and closed positive.
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However, it is again in my opinion, not a truly bullish day because the market traded well within the trading range of the Monday sell off. This makes it just another neutral sideways day. However, there is still not reasons nor indications to believe that the market is going to turn around south today Wednesday. In fact, it looks mostly like its going to be a low open high close kind of day, setting the motion for that high probability reversal I mentioned on Monday morning. This is especially so with the market futures already pointing sharply lower. Whenever the market futures overreact like that, the day usually ends up in the reverse way.

As such, even though the market still looks very volatile and at a very critical junction with news of a US China trade war blasting away hoping the market crashes, it just doesn't look like its going to work out that way.

For now, the market continues in short term and intermediate neutral trend within the framework of a primary bull trend.


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