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Friday, July 21, 2017

Expiration Friday July... Effect?

Its July Expiration Friday and when regular vanilla options would expire. How would it affect the US market?

Well, nothing significant or measurable.

That's right. Even though Quadruple Witching Fridays have a specific effect on the US market, usually resulting in a huge volume day with limited movement as derivatives traders take delivery and almost instantly sell their deliverables.(Learn about what Quadruple Witching is) We would also be taking profit on our shorts as our Ride The Flow trading methodology turns in yet another profitable month. (Check out my Ride The Flow trading methodology)

So far this week, the US market has done EXACTLY what I have predicted it would in my report last Monday morning, ending significantly higher as the bull run continues (read my Monday Morning Report). Bond yields were slightly lower today even though the market continues to hold up strongly, while total equities put call ratio continues to trade strongly in favor of call options as options traders remain bullish on the market and yesterday's Leading Indicators beat expectations and continues to point towards healthy growth in the economy. So far, everything continues to point towards a bullish inclination as the week look set to finish in the green.

Another correctly called week and another profitable week. :)

For now, the market remains in all out bull trend.


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