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Monday, July 17, 2017

New Bull Leg Starts

Once again proving that the market is more predictable than you think, I once again successfully called the bottom on this short term pullback (being one of the few who actually called it a short term pullback rather than the start of a crash) and identifying last week as the reversal week. This was what I said last Monday morning:

"So far, with economic data backing this up and technicals remaining strong, I don't see any reason why this won't be the kind of bull market we saw back in 2012 to 2015."
(Read last Monday's post here)

And indeed, the S&P500 closed a new historical high as the bull run continued after 6 weeks of moving largely sideways. With economic data and the S&P500 returning back to an all out bullish trend from a short term neutral trend, this week continues to be bullish inclined, with no heavyweight economic data release and with no real reasons to suspect the validity of such. Me and my Master's Stock  Options Picks Subscribers also benefited greatly from last week's move as our prepositioned call options on SPY and QQQ enters profitability along with a couple of new positions. If you have missed making any profits so far, come profit with me for just $1 now or learn how I pick these amazing picks here!

Indeed, as I said last week, I see no reason at all why this bull trend isn't going to last the next 1.5years... or more. For now, lets enjoy the current run!

For now, the market returns to short term, intermediate and primary bull trend.


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