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Friday, November 03, 2017

Market Remains Bullish Inclined Ahead of Jobs Report

Exactly as I have predicted on Monday morning, the market has continue upwards after the ISM and FOMC announcements on Wednesday with the Dow closing a historical high yesterday!

Yes, once again, I have predicted the market with minute accuracy... who said the market is random?

Exactly as I have expected, the market remained bullish inclined ahead of Friday's jobs report as it has a much higher chance of surprising to upside than downside. And the good thing is, not much of that upside surprise has been priced in yet, as such, I would expect Friday to be yet another very strong day if indeed the report turn in better than expected at 8:30am EST.

How did I come to the conclusion that the market "remained bullish inclined ahead of Friday's jobs report"?

Yesterday's market action!

The market, especially the S&P500 actually went deep in the red intraday but ended up taking back all of the lost territory to close positive by the end of the day, forming a very nice hammer candlestick, which is a candlestick with ideally a little or no body and a very long bottom shadow. This kind of candle usually suggests continued bullishness when occurring at such junctures. The same candle started the S&P500 moving upwards just 7 days ago when I said the market will resume bullishness.

And yes, me and my Master's Stock Options Picks subscribers were prepositioned for this! Yes, we took positions in DIA call options on Monday in anticipation of this week's movement, which has been in our favor so far! If Friday turns out the way I think it should, its KACHING time once again for me and my subscribers! (Did you miss making money this time round.... AGAIN?!?!? Hesitate no more, do yourself a favor, join me for just $1 now!)

For now, the market continues in all out bull trend.


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