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Monday, October 02, 2017

Market Resumes Bullishness After 3 Secret Signals!

Welcome to October 2017!

Last Thursday morning before market, I mentioned that I spotted 3 secret bullish signals that suggested that the market may have ended its short profit taking phase and will resume its previous bull trend. And right on the dot, from Thursday onwards, the market just went up and UP! The S&P500 also closed a new historical high, leading the way for the other two major market indices.

Me and my Master's Stock Options Picks subscribers also begun to see profit come in from all the call options positions that we have prepositioned prior to this move! We took profit on 2 of these positions and are holding another 3 very profitable call options position, ready to ride along with this new leg up! Did you profit from last week's move? If you didn't you really should just do yourself a favor and join me for just $1! Click here to join my Master's Stock Options Picks for just $1!

So far, I don't see any reason why this rally shouldn't continue into this week as the Dow and the Nasdaq need to catch up with the S&P500. This is also the first week of October and like all first weeks of the month, we welcome the two most important economic data; the ISM index on Monday and Jobs Report on Friday. ISM index has beaten expectations for the past 4 months and is now at a point where it is widely expected to take a bit of a retreat, as such, even if it does turn in low this time round, it shouldn't affect the market at all. Jobs report is also expected to reflect hurricane Harvey effects so turning in lower is completely to be expected as well. All in all, with low expectations on these economic data, I don't see anything that could endanger this new bull leg for now. However, I do think this is a little late to be newly long at least for the short term because I suspect about 50% of the short term move for this new leg has already been made so far. This is why being PREPOSITIONED for moves is so so important.

So, for my subscribers who have been prepositioned with me,

Enjoy the ride!

For now, the market return to a short term bull trend within an intermediate and primary bull trend.


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