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Friday, August 25, 2017

My 42nd Birthday Post!

Happy birthday to me!

Yes, its my birthday today! If you have not checked out my birthday sale, make sure you do that now at! Here's wishing myself further perfection of my trading system in the year ahead and better health and more love and happiness!

Yes, further perfection of my system. No systems are perfect. If there is a 100% winning system, the world would be in chaos as it would become a blackhole for money to pour in endlessly and create gazillions, which simply cannot happen. As such, the goal of all traders and trading systems is to try to hit a winning rate as close to 100% as possible. In fact, my Star Trading System has produced the highest winning rate in the world today for options swing trading at a stunning 83.33% winning rate! Check out the system or simply join my picks service for $1! Yes, the average winning rate for long term investments of up to 20 years is above 90% while swing trading tends to average about 70% in the world today and lower as the timeframe becomes shorter. As such, even though I am quite happy with the performance of my system so far, making me 12 straight winning years, I still hope to make it even better, as close to 90% as it can be!

The US market succumbed to short term profit taking after the huge rally 2 days ago exactly as I have predicted it to, no surprises there. And like I have said a couple of weeks back, the Dow should struggle around its 30MA for a bit before mustering enough energy for the real 22K breakout. I was quite disappointed the market didn't make a followup move to upside yesterday though for that would confirm the reversal and stage the Dow for a topside breakout almost immediately. Guess this is not going to be so easy as the March-Style intermediate correction continues to play out. 

Yes, I still expect this to be the kind of sideways bearish intermediate correction we saw back in March and that we have already seen the bottom of that correction 4 days ago, as such, there is very little room left to play to downside. This is definitely the time to start looking for opportunities to accumulate to topside instead. That was what me and my Masters Stock Options Picks subscribers and Star Trading System mentees did with PLD call options a few days ago and we are now already sitting on some profit even though the market has yet to truly breakout. 

Have you missed making money the past few days? Hesitate no more! Join me for just 1 miserable dollar!

For now, the market remains in short term and intermediate term neutral trend within a primary bull trend.


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