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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Daily Market Comments 7 June 2006

It has been a pretty promising market move yesterday made to sound much worse than it really is by the media so far. Even though the DJIA closed to the "Worst Close" since March, it has definitely shown a strong support at the 11,000 level. Furthermore, advances and decliners have started to shift favourably instead of a typical over 70% decliner stance. NASDAQ shown even greater promise with not only a favourable shift in advancers and decliners but also a strong 2,160 support and a good late day run up. Futures are also pointing up at this moment of time, continuing the end of day momentum. It could be just a matter of days before the markets could potentially accumulate strong.

Overall, the markets have been better than it was made to sound over the media and investors must not start a panic at these critical levels.

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