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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Santa Claus Rally Coming?

Welcome to Christmas Week!

With the completed triple declining peak that I mentioned last Thursday, the market continued its way downwards last Friday, with the S&P500 ditching 1.78%, taking back all of last week's early gains to make a new low close for the month. In fact, this is the lowest close in two months. Me and my Master's Stock Options Picks subscribers watched happily as the put options positions that we placed last week continue to make a profit, did you miss this move? (Join my Master's Stock Options Picks service now!)

Bond yields were down and total equities put call ratio began trading in favor of put options. A completely bearish day. So far, December has been negative as in the case of almost all Decembers before a market crash. All indications continue to point strongly to more downside so far as we go into this Christmas week. So how did Christmas week typically turn out?

As it turned out, Christmas week was typically a feel good week with almost all Christmas weeks closing positive even during the market crash years. Yes, the proverbial Santa Claus Rally. This put the odds of this short trading week in favor of a higher close. Again, not surprising to see some accumulation at this point after two beat down days either. Indeed, I never want to bet against Santa Claus, even with my doom and gloom outlook. So, lets hope for yet another happy Christmas week and remember, this week, is our Annual Christmas Sale! Sign up for any of my products or services at and get an immediate 50% instant refund! Hurry!


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