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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Imminent Breakout!

Remember I predicted that this market is going to look for a topside breakout? Well, so far, the SP-500 has rode a rising 30MA strongly and has not broken below that line despite the barrage of negativity in the market over the past weeks. Last Thursday's critical rebound off the 30MA and the subsequent closing yet again positive on Friday puts the odds in favor of this being the breakout move. Total equities put call ratio has also persisted below par in favor of call options trading the past week as options traders anticipate a topside breakout as well. I do think the market is due for a significant correction very soon, very likely sometime in June like the market did so many times before. As such, I have prepositioned my Master's Stock Options Picks Subscribers on call options over the past week in order to profit from this final leg before it all goes down. Are you ready for this move?

For now, the US market remains in a short term neutral trend within an intermediate and primary bull trend.


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