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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Why Three Down Days?

Since my last post, the US market has rallied exactly as and when I have predicted and my Master's Stock Options Picks subscribers have been prepositioned and have profited from the move, have you?

So, economic data is looking good and the US dollar strengthening, it seems like this market continues to look to upside, so what happened the past few trading days? Why three down days?

Well, every rally needs a breather, it seems like the market is simply taking a breather after such a strong month long rally. This is when we want to strategically take short term profits on short term bullish positions and also watch the 30MA line in case of any failure which will warrant a reassessment.

For now, here's a very happy Chinese New Year of the Goat for all Chinese readers and wishing everyone a very prosperous year ahead!


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