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Monday, November 25, 2013

What To Expect During Thanksgiving Week

Welcome to Thanksgiving week once again!

How time flies, its thanksgiving week once again and its once again time for Christmas season trading! Is "Santa Claus Rally" coming this year? Santas Claus rally is a phenomena in the stock market where the US market tends to be positive Thanksgiving through January. It has its fundamentals in dramatically increased Christmas spending and internet spending as well as a general sense of positivity around the holiday season.

In fact, the US market tends to be positive in December even through the recent stock market crash year of 2008. Hence it is no surprise that most of my Master's Stock Options Picks Subscribers are also in bullish call options positions as well, prepositioned for Santa Claus' arrival once again. Yes, the US market survived and strived against all fundamental and technical odds this year so far and there is no reason why that positivity should not carry through December once again this year.

However, I would be cautious going into next year and generally start to take profit on profitable positions coming January.

Happy holidays!


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