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Friday, April 14, 2006

Daily Market Comments 15 Apr 06 by

There were no comments yesterday as it was Easter day. I hope all of you had a Blessed Day.

It was a nice and calm day before Easter on Thursday. Trading volume was way below average and it was hard to give substance to the moves we saw. DJIA was unchanged and NASDAQ was up 0.49% , extending year to date gains to more than 5%.

Technically, DJIA continued to struggle at its 30MA without surprises and NASDAQ turned up slightly opening up the possibility that indeed, our suspicion that it might start a new channel centered around 2,340 pts might just happen afterall.

Weekly Look Back...

It has certainly been a pretty calm week. DJIA was completely neutral struggling at its 30MA and NASDAQ continued to play out its technical game plan without surprise. This may also be because of a week that offers little stimulant to the markets. May this be the calm before the storm?

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